YO Rewards Program

YO Points Rewards Program is designed to reward performances on the field, be it small or big. A player will earn YO points, which will be credited to their personal wallets, on completing pre-defined milestones while playing (eg. scoring runs, taking catches, acting fairly, hitting a winner, scoring a basket etc). YO points earned can be redeemed for a wide selection of products, services or experiences on the Onyomark store or even used to pay registration fees. We believe no act on the field should go unrewarded.


The Proprietary YO Rewards System:
1 YO Point = ₹1


- Each player to get double the number of points he/she scores for each game

- In addition each team player to get 20 yo points for games won upto round robin level

- In addition each team player to get 30 yo points on winning quarter final games 

- In addition each team player to get 40 yo points on winning semi final game

- In addition each team player to get 50 yo points on winning final game


- Upon registration all players individually will be awarded 50 YO points.

- Each goal scored by an individual player will be awarded 100 YO points.

- Each team that wins will be awarded 100 YO points to all the team members.

- In case of Penalty Shootout then every goal scored by individual players will be awarded 25 YO Points.


Each Point won earns you 3 YO Points and each match won earns you 100 YO Points Eg. A Player wins a match by reaching 15 Points and will earn (15 Points) x 3 + (100 Match Win) =  145 YO Points.

If the opponent scored 12 Points they would get (12 Points) x 3 = 36 YO Points.


  • Batting YO Points
  • Total Runs x (Strike Rate (SR)/100) = Total YO Points
  • Eg. Batsperson's score of 30 runs off 15 balls will earn them 30 (Runs) x 2 (200/100 - SR) = 60 YO Points

  • Bowling YO Points
  • Each wicket taken will earn the bowler 25 YO Points
  • Additionally, he will earn 5 YO Points for every run conceded below 9 runs in the over
  • Eg. If a bowler takes 2 wickets and concedes 5 runs in the over, he will earn (2 x 25) + (5 x [9-5runs]) = 50 + 20 = 70 YO Points

  • Fielding YO Points
  • Each catch taken, run-out or stumping effected will earn the fielder 10 YO points

  • Match Win Bonus YO Points
  • Every Round Robin Stage Match Win will earn all team members 25 points each
  • Every knockout Stage Match Win will earn all team members 50 points each

    Fair Play YO Points
  • Every act of Fair Play will be rewarded with 15 YO Points. This will be decided by the umpires.